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deal maker live

DEAL MAKER LIVE 2021  Virtual Attendee Guide

Virtual Attendees:

Deal Maker Live 2021will be streamed through the Whova app for virtual sessions.

Please follow the Whova Attendee User Guide for instructions on signing into mobile and desktop.

Additional FAQ:

Where Can I Download the Whova App?

To download the whova app for mobile or web, please go to:

Where Can I view the Event Schedule?

The full event schedule can be accessed through the Whova App. You can also view it on

I'm Having Audio or VIDEO issues with the Stream

If you’re having audio or video issues with the stream. Please try testing in another application like Youtube. If the issue isolated to only the Whova app. Please click the help button on this page to contact us via live chat.

If you have any additional issues or problems access the virtual stream or getting into the Whova App, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via live chat by clicking the chat button on this page or email us at [email protected].